15 July 2011

Real Ale at Artscape UPDATED

Are you headed to Artscape this weekend?  (That would mean you haven't been scared away by the promises to re-create a 1982 experience.....)

TAKE MASS TRANSIT.  DON'T DRIVE.  BICYCLE.  WALK.  Duh.  It's been insane driving around there for the past two weeks already; I expect back-ups to extend to Druid Hill Park, I-95, Leakin Park, and Highlandtown.  (I exaggerate only slightly, at best.)

Liam Flynn's Ale House, right up on North Avenue in the thick of part of the craziness, will open at 4 PM today and at noon  Saturday, and Sunday, and just had five Olivers firkins delivered by the distributors.

If that place is too crowded, you have Joe Squared and their fantabulous pizzas and draft selections on the south side of North Avenue a block west, in addition to the nearly adjacent Windup Space, and the Metro Gallery a block and a half south on Charles, which both have decent bottle selections.  And, of course, The Brewers Art is a short walk south of the mania on Charles Street.

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Ryan said...

was just there and take note that the only local brew i saw at the actual fest was a couple taps of Flying Dog right across the street from charles st theater in the "maryland food area". conveniently located right next to the $2 steamed crabs.

i know what i'm doing sunday