26 July 2011

Hop Mania at Frisco Tap House Aug. 31st

It just goes to show that Max's isn't the only Taphouse in the Baltimore region that can pull off big events like this anymore.  And that's a good thing.  Spread the love, and get something out there for the folks that can't/won't go into Baltimore or D.C.

Frisco Taphouse Festivus Humulus Lupulus

Wednesday, August 31 at 6:00pm at Frisco Tap House, Columbia, MD

A festival for the glory of the hop. 52 of the finest India Pale Ales and Imperial India Pale Ales around. This will also be the release of all 19 Mikkeller Single Hop IPAs on tap with Mikkel in attendance. So pucker up buttercup....get ready to have your palate put into a state of shock with an overdose on hops.
All they need now is more parking..........  or a shuttle bus service.

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JohnM. said...

"It just goes to show that Max's isn't the only Taphouse in the Baltimore region that can pull off big events like this anymore."

Scheduling an event of this magnitude is one thing. Pulling it off is another.

Back in the fall of 2008, Frisco's held their now legendary Stone Brewing extravaganza. It was a disaster of the first order, and to this day there are numerous patrons who refuse to ever go back to Frisco's as a result of that night.

A number of the promised special kegs did not show up (something Adam C. knew well in advance of the event, but did nothing to update on the Frisco event calendar website), and there was no pint glass give away (as was also promised). Also, while the event was promoted on-line (ratebeer, beer advocate, midnite sun, etc.), the owner neglected to post the event in the restaurant/bar. As a result, a number of families showed up for dinner, only to encounter an (unhappy) mob scene.

A number of folks contacted Frisco's after the event (myself included), trying to find out just what happened. I think everyone was at least hoping for some sort of explanation, if not an outright apology (in addition to the missing speciality kegs and pint glasses, Frisco's was understaffed that night, and service was an absolute nightmare). Yet nothing was every posted on the website, and the two emails I sent to Adam went unanswered (I had helped to promote the event on Beer Advocate).

Sure, any place can have an off night, and perhaps the Stone event was an aberration (I hope so). Nevertheless, given my experience in the past with Frisco's, I have no intention of ever going back to find out. I'll stick with the places that I know can handle a large beer event (Alewife, Max's, Mahaffey's, etc.).