11 July 2011

Old Rasputin Coffee Stout?

Frisco Tap House, in Columbia, apparently tripped over their long-forgotten "Randalizer".

They cleaned it out, filled it with espresso coffee beans and are currently pumping North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout through it.  They're supposedly planning more Monday night "Randalizer" adventures in the future.


JohnM. said...

Did you try it? Just curious to know whether it actually added any additional coffee flavor to the beer.

I was at a beer bar out in Portland years ago where they used a randalizer with slices of orange for a keg of NB sunshine wheat.

From a marketing standpoint, I guess it was a good idea, as it got me to order a beer I probably wouldn't have gotten otherwise. However, the oranges added absolutely nothing (that I could taste) to the flavor of the sunshine wheat.

jz1 said...

Whatever is in the randalizer has to have oils that are easily stripped away. If its stuffed with orange slices, the only oils are in the peel. Would have worked better with zest. I think some high quality, oily coffee beans would work pretty well and that sounds delicious to me!