06 July 2011

Liam Flynn's to open Saturday

Well, finally.

Liam Flynn has announced that his eponymous bar will be opening Saturday, July 9th at 4:00 PM.

UPDATE:  Cash only for the first week or so.  There's an ATM practically next door, plus a couple more in the neighborhood, though I doubt you'll find a fee-free one yet....


Andrew said...

You must be pretty angry that yet another option for beer geeks has unnecessarily opened, undoubtedly pushing some other deserving location out of business. Just thinking about all those beer drinkers who will want to come here just so they can "check it off their lists" gets me fired up. Damn beer geeks!

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Look at it another way: It's more and better beer to an area that only a couple years ago was the proverbial "vast wasteland". By my count, this is only the fourth good-beer bar to open between The Brewer's Art and Lake Roland/Hampden, and that's only if you count the all-bottle Metro Gallery and The Windup Space as "beer bars". Joe Squared is great, mind you, but we can always use more good beer places outside of Fells Point, Canton, and Federal Hill.

Handpumps are a bonus.