08 July 2011

Wilmington Beer Week

For those of you whose knowledge of beer in Delaware begins and ends with either the downstate breweries or State Line Liquors being on your detour around the Delaware I-95 toll plaza, here's an excuse to expand your horizons.

Wilmington Beer Week begins this Saturday night and lasts through the 16th.

Article from the Wilmington News Journal.


Andrew said...

You must be irate about another Beer Week. When will the beer geeks recognize that enough is enough already? Frederick Beer Week, Baltimore Beer Week, Philadelphia Beer Week, and now Wilmington too!? It's anarchy. All these beer geeks, with their "Beer Week" checklists, going out of their way to drink more beer and be generally all beer geeky! First people want to keep trying new beers. Then they want to keep trying new beer bars. Now they want new beer weeks too? Audacious.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Blah, blah, blah.

You're just upset because Firestone Walker and New Belgium aren't sponsors.