02 September 2009

Chocolate Donut Beer.......... yes, it exists.....

From a newsletter from Shenandoah Brewing in suburban Alexandria:

You may remember a long time ago (November 08) we were all excited
that the Food Network came in and filmed a segment for a show on
donuts. They had heard about our Chocolate Donut Stout and wanted to
include it in their show as they were looking for something different
relating to donuts. Once the projected air time came and went, we
were starting to think that we became stars of the cutting room floor.

But, fame was not robbed from us! The donut show will air this Monday 7 September at 9 pm (the network people told me 9:30 pm so check your local or service listing). That’s right, the brewery will be on TV! We will have a segment of about 4 minutes in the show. Stop by the brewery on Friday and get a six pack of our Chocolate Donut Stout, AS SEEN ON TV, to drink during the show!

Paging Homer Simpson...............

(Actually, I've had this stuff in the past, served at Bardo Rodeo/Dr. Dremo's in Arlington...........  I don't think anyone but Homer would drink it twice....)


arcticfox said...

I watched you on the Food Network! The beer looked delicious and the people looked friendly.

Wow. You guys have it all!

Nick said...

I had this at Dremo's as well and once was enough.