28 September 2009

Great American Beer Festival Goes to the Dogs in Maryland--UPDATED

Congratulations to the greater Baltimore region's winners in the 2009 Great American Beer Festival:

Mid-Size Brewing Company and Mid-Size Brewing Company Brewer of the Year: Flying Dog Brewery, Frederick, MD and brewer Robert Malone

Flying Dog Brewery: Horn Dog Vintage 2007 : Gold Medal, Aged Beer
Flying Dog Brewery: Dogtoberfest : Gold Medal, German Style Märzen
Flying Dog Brewery: Gonzo Imperial Porter : Gold Medal, Imperial Stout
Flying Dog Brewery: Barrel Aged Gonzo : Silver Medal, Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer

Brewer's Alley Restaurant and Brewery: Brewer's Alley India Pale Ale : Bronze Medal, English-Style India Pale Ale
Clipper City Brewing Co.: Clipper City Marzhon : Bronze Medal, Vienna Style Lager
DOG Brewing Co.: Pub Dog Black Dog Stout : Bronze Medal, Classic Irish Style Dry Stout

A complete rundown of all 234 (!) medal winners in all 78 categories is available (PDF format) here.  Feel free to discourse on style/category inflation as you see fit in the comments.  (UPDATE: Here's a blog post on when the GABF had only twelve categories.....  one gold winner was Chesbay, and another gold winner ended up being brewed in Maryland for a couple years......)

Meanwhile, to continue with the dog theme:  Max's Taphouse's Tuesday Beer Social this week will feature the first (only?) kegs of Laughing Dog Brewing's beers from Ponderay, Idaho to reach Maryland (NOTE: none of these beers are listed on the brewery's apparently slightly outdated website):

Laughing Dog CSB    Bitter/ESB
Laughing Dog Alpha Dog    Imperial IPA  (127 IBU's, 8.0%)

Laughing Dog Dogzilla      Black IPA
Laughing Dog St Benny Labby Abbey     Belgian Style Ale

And if THAT isn't enough........................

Also on Max's draft lineup as I type:
Brew Dog (Scotland) Paradox Isle of Arran (10% imperial stout, whisky-barrel-aged for six months) ON CASK  (We are sincerely not worthy...........)

Brew Dog Paradox Smokehead  (aged in different barrel, smokier than even the German Schlenkerla "bacon" beers!)

Stoudt's Fat Dog
and we won't count the usual DOGfish Head stuff...............  and by the way, I'm reliably informed that Dogfish Head beers command a stiff premium nowadays in the few Arizona beer bars that serve them.......

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