28 September 2009

Voting Now Open for "The Mobbies"!

Click here to vote for my blog at The Baltimore Sun's Mobbies  ... early and oftenSee the graphic on the right or right sidebar, and click on it.  If you care to, you can vote for me as among "Maryland's Outstanding blogs" as nominated by the Baltimore Sun and its editors, online staff, and readers.

Note: Mine is the original, #12, not the ".com" version.

I discovered this the hard way, finding that I had been nominated by persons unknown (possibly my Baltimore Sun associates/comrades, Sam Sessa and Rob Kasper), before I even knew about the competition.

Note: There are seventeen categories, and lots of other blogs to explore (225 if I'm counting right); you must be a registered BaltimoreSun.com user to vote for specific categories but not for Best Overall Blog, and can vote once a day.  Complete rules are at the Mobbies page.  I harbor no illusions about winning; it's an honor just to be nominated, etc. etc.  But vote anyway........  if you wish.

And if you feel like spreading the love just a bit. my sister's blog is also up for a Mobbie under Personal Blogs: On the Other Hand, Who Knows What I'll Do?