30 September 2009

Rice in Beer?

The Los Angeles Times has an interesting article today on using rice as a beer ingredient--and how it's not necessarily the evil incarnate that some brewers and breweries have made it out to be (or, in other cases, the evil that they made it).  I must agree--it's so hard to find a good beer to go with sushi.

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Caederus said...

If you are going to make an American Light Lager (Bud, Miller...) you almost have to use rice.

Heck if your going to make a good wheat beer you need rice (OK, just the hulls to keep the mash from sticking).

Rice allows you to make beer without adding any flavor what so ever on it's part. If that's what you want, then use rice. You will have a beer light on malt flavor and so you then lighten up the hops to balance it, and {presto} a Light American Lager.