03 September 2009

Tastings Tonight and Next Week

Tonight (and presumably tomorrow, as they seldom kick through a firkin in one night, as I understand), Metropolitan taps an Olivers Summer Ale dry-hopped with Brambling Cross hops, a nice 3.4% session beer, just at the edge of the summer as the days cool. 

Next Tuesday, Max's Taphouse debuts Boulder Beer Company's beers from the Colorado city of that name (which appears to have eight other brewpubs and microbreweries!):
Boulder Cold Hop
Boulder Hazed & Infused
Boulder Sweatty Betty
Boulder Sundance
Boulder Planet Porter
Boulder Mojo IPA
Boulder Pass Time Pale
Boulder Buffalo Gold

More info on the beers at their heavily-Flash-laden website (with lots of sound effects--don't bother if you're on dial-up).  I've run into Hazed & Infused before out west in Arizona--apparently a popular seller.  Funny, I thought they were waiting until Baltimore Beer Week to debut these beers............

1 comment:

stevejones said...

Actually, Bruce informs me that despite a modest crowd, the firkin kicked @ 10.30 pm ..... more power to session ale!!
Steve @ Oliver's Brewery