02 September 2009

Pay As We Say, Not As We Do

Jules Crittenden notes a Boston Herald item on a Massachusetts state representative caught crossing the border to New Hampshire ("Live Free or Die") to buy booze...........  avoiding the state booze taxes he just voted to raise:

The Westport Democrat, whose family owns a rug business, was among the lawmakers who voted in an unpopular 25 percent sales tax hike for Bay Staters. The increase pushed the sales tax to 6.25 percent and slapped that same levy on booze - the first time alcohol has been subject to retail sales tax.
The hike has been blasted by business owners, especially those on the New Hampshire border, who say the increase has driven business north.
Mike Cimini, owner of Yankee Spirits liquor stores in Sturbridge, Attleboro and Swansea, said he’s lost about 10 percent of his business since the booze tax went into effect Aug. 1.
 This little episode of hypocrisy is not playing well.  

(Tip o' the hat:  Instapundit.)

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