22 September 2009

Homebrewing Demonstration Oct. 18 at Pratt St. Ale House UPDATE

At this point, I have official word about "my" homebrewing event at Pratt Street Ale House Oct. 18th on the following:

The Chesapeake Real Ale Brewers will be on hand, providing an all-grain (i.e. no malt-extract shortcuts) brewing demonstration beginning sometime around 9 AM for set-up, probable 10 AM burner light-off.

The Cross Street Irregulars homebrew club, a holdover from when there was an actual brewpub on Cross Street in Federal Hill (we're talking Sisson's here, not Thirsty Dog or The Dog Pub), has also pledged its participation and support.

Maryland Homebrew will show up, maybe with a carload of various supplies and adjuncts just in case. And also to fly the flag for central Maryland's best/largest/only(?) homebrew supply shoppe.

Pratt Street Ale House's brewmaster Steve Jones has offered at least some small amounts of malt and hops from their cellar for the project, and maybe some Ringwood yeast fresh from the krausen. If you're interested, you have to get in touch with Steve. If you care, you know how.

If you want to join in the fun, you MAY be able to bring your stuff to the brewpub the evening before at the end of the Chesapeake Real Ale Festival, and it'll be stashed in the building until Sunday morning. Bonus: If any real ale is left after paying attendees fill growlers, you MIGHT be able to top off a growler of fresh real ale for a discounted price as you drop off your brewing rigs and supplies.

At least one of us is trying to finish in time for the Baltimore Beer Week closing party at Max's that evening.

Me? I'm digging through my spice rack and cursing the fact that John Bull malt extract is no longer sold around here..........

My brewing partner? "What did we just get ourselves into?"

Questions or comments? There's the comment form below.


stevejones said...

Ha, you make it sound as if we're rationing out grain and hops! We will gladly provide any grain/hops needed on the day as long as we have it in stock. I would ask recipes to be submitted early so I can get all the grain together and milled early that morning.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Generous man, that brewer, isn't he? <:-) I suppose anyone who would be showing up knows how to drop Steve a line; if you don't, drop me a line at MY e-mail because I generally dislike publicly posting anyone's e-mail address in a place where spambots can cruise across it......

Steve, may I suggest you post a list of what malts and hops are generally being offered, so someone doesn't pop around looking to do a Thomas Hardy's clone with 50 lbs. of Maris Otter malt!