28 September 2009

Go to a Blog, Answer Questions (Right), Win Stuff!

Short, sweet, and to the point:

Stephen Jones' blog at the Pratt Street Ale House's website features what has now become a regular weekly prize competition: The Friday Question.

The prizes started out small:  A pint of beer at the pub, a glass, whatever.  But now Jones and his employers have raised the stakes substantially, with such prizes as tickets to Baltimore Beer Week events and--this week--an eleven-pound bag of hops.

Go play.  I'm getting sick and tired of being a repeat winner.

Oh, wait, I'm lying.  No, I'm not.  But it would sure as hell look a LOT better for both Steve and me if other people started winning more.  I mean, I could go after that bag of hops, but I'm getting hops out of the homebrewing demonstration, and I have hops to use up, dang it, so...........

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