18 September 2009

Max's German Fest Update

Doors opened 11 AM. About a dozen folks waiting to storm the fortress at the beginning.

On gravity kegs (think vertical firkins), all 5.0% ABV unless otherwise indicated: Schneider Edel Weisse (5% hefeweizen), Reissdorf Kolsch (4.8%), Hofstetten Hochzeitsbier 1810 (6% Original Festbier), Lowenbrau Buttenheim Lager, Mahrs Brau Ungespundet (unfiltered) Lager, Lindenbrau Grafenberg Vollbier, und Fischer Greuth Rauchbier. The latter is a nice smoked beer with a more restrained smokiness than Aeche Schlenkerla's products. Another gravity keg was being delivered as I arrived; I didn't catch which beer it was.

Late scratches from the master list below: Ayinger Oktoberfest and Wurzberger Pils on drafts, and Ayinger Weizenbock and Gunther Brau Burgskonstaldt Bockbier on bottles. Slated to be rotated into drafts later this weekend: Uerige Weizen, Leipzigerer Gose, Erdinger Weisse, Erdinger Dunkel Weizen, and Aecht Schlenkerla Urbock.

Strongest draft beer present, for the nutcases: Heavy Seas Prosit on handpump at 9%.

If you want any of those gravity beers, get your butt down there--Casey expects all of them to drain by midnight.

UPDATE From Casey Hard 7:22 PM:

Fischer Greuth Lager
Bayer Theinheim Unfiltered Lager
Kraus Hirschaid Lager
Spezial Bamberg Rauchbier
Zehender Monchsambach Amber Lager
Schneider Edel Weisse(Wooden Gravity)

Hofstetten Hochzeitsbier 1810-Tapped today -not much left
Reissdorf Koelsch-Tapped today-Not much left

Also, we have a few changes to the menu,

Einbecker Urbock Dunkel
Wurzburger Pils
Baynof Berliner Weisse

Julius Echter Hefeweizen
Hacker Pschorr Hefeweizen
Becks Oktoberfest

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