16 February 2008

Aiming for rare birds.....

Liefmans Goudenband 8.0% Old Brown: Liefmans reported in receivership in Belgium, who knows whether we'll see this again.... dark amber, nice dubbel nose, actually the most character-filled draft sample I've had all day save lovely for the Kasteel Rouge. Tart nose of a Belgian red, very full initial palate, classic dubbel with rich notes of oak wood, sherry, port, and chewy malt. Complex and ready, I dunno what aging would do to this (says the guy who opened up a 13-year-old 1987 Goudenband in 2000). Great and ready now, enjoy.

Somebody just walked by with a Miller Lite bottle. I've started a petition to have him ejected.

I just wolfed down a bison/buffalo burger with Chimay cheese and frites on the side. Gotta give this a chance to settle. Let's see the latest casualties of "plastic hat disease"--the Regenboog T'Smisje Speciale pumpkin ale and two of the three de Proefs.

van den Bossche Buffalo Stout 9.0% sample from 750 ml bottle: darkest so far, but still a bit transparent. A nicely roasted Belgian stout, first really good roast treatment I've seen so far this weekend, although more akin to a great porter than a true UK stout. Nicely balanced, funk of yeast against the roast notes and hint of caramel sweetness.

De Proef La Grande Blanche 7.5% Imperial White Ale: hazy light yellow/pils, flowery nose.... "wit on steroids" or high-gravity wit sounds about right, decent if not mind-boggling.

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Steve said...

ha, my buddy that just moved near Baltimore is there right now and said the event is amazing. I assure you he's not the one with the Miller Lite bottle though... If you see anyone wearing a Stone shirt, that's probably him..haha