21 May 2009

Clay Pipe at Greene Turtle Columbia Friday

Some news from Gregg Norris, head of one of our lesser-heard-from local breweries (still contracting at Flying Goose/Wild Dog--I mean, the other way around--last I heard):

This Friday, May 22nd from 4-7pm we want to blow the roof off the Green Turtle in Columbia. With our new distributor alliances, CP has been surging these last couple months. Landing a Backfin tap at the TURTLE is pretty huge and drawing a crowd for our first promo there will help ensure our beer stays at the bar. If you are receiving this email, you are part of a fun group of friends, to whom I wanted to personally reach out(and party with this Friday). Your neighbors, coworkers, friends and family are welcomed too. Lets see if we can make it a weekend kick-off to remember.

And yes, we'll be giving away logo glassware and offering reduced price draft beers if just hanging out with me wasn't enough :]

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