13 May 2009

Why is Pikesville Dry?

Quick Q for thought:

Why is there seemingly no good beer bar in Pikesville, or Northwest Baltimore, or Owings Mills or Reisterstown?

We have good beer on the northeastern quadrant/corner (Racers, Hamilton Tavern, Red Brick Station, etc.). North: Grand Cru and some good liquor stores. West: Ellicott Mills, Judges Bench, etc. Fells Point, Canton, Federal Hill, downtown. Good beer follows money (or vice versa), so I can't/don't expect anything in Brooklyn Park, southwest Baltimore, West Baltimore, etc.

But what's the Pikesville corridor's excuse? The money is there for upscale dining and shopping--boutique coffee shops and clothing, art, a Trader Joe's. There is a historically heavy Jewish concentration up the Park Heights corridor, but Jews aren't historically teetotalers like, say, Mormons or Methodists have been.



The Oriole Way said...

No idea, but it drives me crazy as an Owings Mills resident. We used to have a restaurant called Hops that was a national chain akin to Rock Bottom. My wife and I paid it a visit once and asked what was on tap. "Bud, Bud Light..." Needless to say, we didn't go back.

Mark said...

We lament the same lack of a decent place with a decent craft draft beer selection that drives us up the road to Westminster, Gettysburg or Kclingers in Hanover.

The closest to a middling selection of craft on draft or bottles is the Full Moon on 140.