11 May 2009

Max's Craft Beer Week Start

Spotted tonight at Max's Taphouse kicking off Craft Beer Week: the brewers of Brewers Art and much of the staff of Clipper City; Mike McDonald of White Marsh Brewing, Jim Lutz and others from Flying Dog, Rob Kasper of the Baltimore Sun.

The must-try non-local beer: Redstone Nectar of the Hops, a hopped, sparkling draft 8% mead. The hops add JUST enough balance to make it a terrifically drinkable and delightful beverage without actually interfering with the honeyed character of mead with hop flavors and character. Possible runner-up: Victory Rauch Porter, but if you like smoked beer/meat/cheese/etc.

Rarest beer there? Heck, many of these qualify as one-offs, but extrapolating for both scarcity and distance, possibly Allagash barrel-aged dry-hopped Musette. A better contender likely to dethrone this tomorrow, though.....

My wife's new favorite beer of all time: Olivers oak-aged 3 Lions. If you haven't run into this exquisite beer, run, don't walk.

Max's has installed a THIRD beer engine/handpump.

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