20 May 2009

DC Craft Beer Week

Well, whadaya know. Washington D.C. is having its Beer Week as well.

Five days. And nothing on (what appears to be) the "official" event schedule from the "local" brewpub, Capitol City. (Though if you count Flying Dog/Wild Goose, they're all over the place.) (UPDATE: a bigger list compiled by the Washington City Paper's crew.)

I see one event worthy of my consideration, at least.............

And by the way, as you'll discern on the place's website, Pizza Paradiso, the upstairs component of Bierra Paradiso on M St. in Georgetown, will be moving to new quarters on P street in mid-summer. [UPDATE: Or maybe not: see comments below....] I hope they're taking the beer bar with them, though judging from the beer list at their Dupont Circle location, the odds are pretty good. Both places have a terrific (albeit DC-priced) beer selection.




Just to clarify: It's the original location at 2029 P St that will be moving up the street a block to 2003 P St. They are moving to accommodate more people and a beer focused bar. The Georgetown location will not be changing at all. [from Manager Greg Jasgur.]

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

So, wait a minute: That means there are/were THREE PP locations? The website only mentioned two locations, and seemed to imply that the P Street location was a new one for Georgetown..... [scratches head]