21 May 2009

Latest News from Pratt St. Ale House

Straight from the brewer's keyboard, as it were:

"Brewer's Choice Cask is currently American Oak aged Lions and will be followed by Dark Mild (a nice contrast in styles I think you'll agree!)
On regular tap soon will be the Rustic Red (my interpretation of a Biere de Garde). There will also be a French Oak aged cask on the hand pump in about 6 - 8 weeks (after all, it is a beer for keeping, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait). Also coming in late June is the Nut Brown Ale, a personal favorite of mine, expect plenty of casks of this one to be around!)"

You have been warned. And a reminder that they're still doing Cask Appreciation Nights every Tuesday, cask pints $3.

LATER UPDATE: "I don't think the 3 lions is going to make it through the day . . . just went into the cask room and was shocked to see the cask on full tilt! (those auto tilt stillages are fantastic!) cue a rapid venting/tapping of the mild. I'm brewing 3 lions again next week and I'll be doing a bunch more casks (subject to availability of cooperage). I will fill a kilderkin for sure and we will have a launch party in early July (we are relaunching the brewery with FP Winner with a view to pushing out more beer to outside accounts . . . we'll be focusing on 3 Lions, Amber, Ironman and Irish Red as the core brands though all of our beers will be available by special order. We'll have new tap handle logos, glassware, t-shirts etc."

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