21 May 2009

Maifest @ Blob's Park

In the ol' inbox:

This is just a reminder that the Maifest Celebration will be THIS SUNDAY, May 24. Check out the website for information - www.blobspark.net
The Alt-Washingtonia Schuhplattlers will be hosting the dedication of the fantastic Neuschwanstein Castle Mural that Idi Brown is just finishing up on the front of the building. The Schuhplattlers will perform traditional dances and songs and they'll be blowing those long alphorns as well! Leon and The Rheinlanders will be playing some great music for our dancing pleasure.

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Jergs said...

I had heard Blob's had closed last year. Glad to see that this isn't the case. I need to get out there one of these weekends.