18 May 2009

This Week at Max's and Metropolitan

Quoting the e-mails:

Max's Tuesday night Beer Social:

This Japanese brewery opened in 1997 and has been making great beers ever since. Their beer is influenced by American brewing but they work to create traditional brews that push the limits.We will be a featuring a full line up of their beers in bottles. We will be serving:
Triple Hop Ale-5.1%ABV-IPA
Brown Ale-5.1%ABV
Genmai-5.1%ABV-Uses rare Roasted Brown Rice
Pale Ale-5.1%ABV
Scotch Ale-7.0%ABV
On the Max's beer engines:
Lagunitas Correction Ale
Weyerbacher Double Simcoe
Hambleton Nightmare Porter"

Thursday at Metropolitan:

"This Thursday we will tap a firkin of Oliver Dark Mild from Oliver Breweries in Baltimore for Firkin Thursday. Oliver Dark Mild is an excellent session beer and, as brewer Steve Jones puts it, perfect for celebrating mild May the English way."


Caederus said...

I Did not know I had been celebrating Mild Ale month this month drinking my English Mild.

BeerGuy said...

Its a nice beer, they make some excellent stuff.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

BeerGuy, I'm gonna ding you points for vagueness. Be more specific.

BeerGuy said...


Well, it's dark.

And mild :)

Nothing crazy with flavor, some roasty stuff going on, nothing too offensive in the body (not too watery on one end/not syrupy or slick in the other). I'm not the best at describing a flavor of a beer like that, its not an aggressive beer but that's alright.

BeerGuy said...

Good to see that Hambleton Nightmare cask make the rounds, had it at Mahaffey's and then Frisco. The clientele at Max's should enjoy that quite a bit as well.