11 February 2010

Coming to Max's Belgian? DON'T DRIVE!

Here's Fells Point this evening:

Let me tell you all you need to know:


What parking lots and garages exist down there are/were full of the cars of locals, and will probably be thus full tomorrow.

What streets are open are BADLY rutted slabs of five-inch-thick ice.  They are challenging even to Jeep 4X4 drivers.  The residential streets--Lancaster, Shakespeare, etc.--are still completely impassable unless you have a snowmobile.

Plan to take transit.  Or a taxi.  Or walk.  Heck, is the Water Taxi running?

The MTA's website is supposed to be http://mta.maryland.gov , but it appears to be down for the moment.  Many bus lines are NOT running as I type this.  The easiest thing to do is get yourself downtown (via Metro, Light Rail, MARC, bus, or whatever), then take a #10 bus from downtown to the intersection of Eastern Avenue and Broadway, two short blocks or so north of Max's.  The new (and free) Charm City Circulator shuttle buses will get you from downtown to Harbor East, but it's still several blocks' walk from there to Max's.  Note that the MTA is NOT YET running the Metro on the above-ground portion between Mondawmin Station and Owings Mills, and may not be doing so until Monday; substitute shuttle buses are being run between the Metro's above-ground stations (Old Court to Mondawmin--Owings Mills folks are out of luck), with substantial delays on the underground portion.  See HERE for MTA bus route updates.  The #10 bus line eastbound is running through downtown on Baltimore Street and President Street to Eastern Avenue, not Pratt Street.

See y'all inside for breakfast at 11, MTA willing.


Jay Zeis said...

Do you know if the Caroline St garage is full? (apparently it wasnt open for the free public parking)

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Other attendees report it as full.