20 February 2010

More Firkins About!

A chance visit to Grand Cru in Belvedere Square reveals that they are pouring cask ale through their beer engine pretty much full time--"as long as we can actually get the firkins," says owner Nelson Carey.  Last night they were pumping Otter Creek's 10% Russian Imperial Stout, to be followed when it ran out by a beer perfect for this wine bar, Quercus Vitis Humulus:
QVH is our brewers' tribute to the mighty oak, luscious grape, and humble hop. The homage begins with a bold 27 degree plato barley-wine, warm-fermented with Bohemian lager yeast, then blended with Sauvignon Blanc grape juice and fermented a second time with a pure culture of Champagne yeast. When this intricate brew was complete, our brewers aged it on lightly toasted French Oak. The six week journey through our brewery results in a deeply complex ale which clocks in at 12% ABV, with 38 IBU.
They're also hosting the Belvedere Square Chili Cook-Off tomorrow, 3 to 6 PM Sunday, with eight chili recipes made by Bel Square's excellent gourmet marketers/kitchens competing for bragging rights.  $5 gets you the chance to sample all eight and vote for your favorite.

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