07 February 2010

Muggsy's Mug House Update

First, I got the impression from him that he was planning to formally extend the "Week of 100,000 Mugs" thanks to the weather, just as some places extended their Baltimore Restaurant Week offers because of the weather.  Contact him yourself for confirmation--you may still have a chance at the big prizes.

Second, their next event:
"Malty Gras," Feb. 15th-20th, "maltiest beers we can get our hands on as well as a special down south Louisiana Cajun menu."

Abita, the Louisiana brewery, will be the featured brewery on Tuesday the 16th--Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, or Fastnacht Day, depending on your ethnic origins or surroundings--when Muggsy's will feature an Abita "steal the glass" night.

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