26 February 2010

New Beers at Don't Know and elsewhere in Federal Hill

After soliciting much in the way of varied opinions from the readers of Sam Sessa's Midnight Sun blog at the Baltimore Sun website, I've received well-placed reports that Don't Know is adding beers from Heavy Seas, Flying Dog, and another local brewery to be named (Brewer's Art is speculated, but not confirmed).

You know, they could just rotate a mystery beer.  "What beer is that?"  "Don't know. Wanna try it?"

In the same general direction, Taps Baltimore is advertising a "house beer" on tap.  Does anyone happen to know what that's about, or what beer they're re-branding?  I haven't heard back from them yet.

1 comment:

Scott B. said...

The bartender told me it's Bud Light....