23 February 2010

Wine & Beer Dinner at Ale Mary's TONIGHT

Just got word of this from Baltimore Magazine's In Good Taste blog by Suzanne Loudermilk

Ale Mary’s in Fells Point decided to meet the needs of its customers by preparing a dinner tomorrow (Feb. 23) to appeal to two groups of imbibers.
“Due to the large demand from both our beer and wine drinkers, we will be hosting a dueling dinner” with wine and beer, chef Mary Rivers said in an e-mail. “The theme of the dinner will be based on the good ole USA.”
The six-course meal features four wines and two beers ($65 a person). The menu includes dueling game confit (rabbit and duck confit), sage-and-chevre-stuffed California dates, butter-poached lobster, grilled venison chop, herb-roasted quail and bison Wellington, and petite Stayman apple pie. Sounds yummy!
“The menu is not our usual fare, instead I try and get a bit creative by introducing people to ingredients that they normally would not try on their own,” Mary said. “I must say, I’m very excited and thrilled with the outcome of this exclusive menu.”
I wonder if it's too late to get tickets.  If it is, well, you could just go to Max's or Mahaffey's or Baltimore Taphouse........

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