24 February 2010

Who has advice on home keg systems?

I received the following query from a reader:

I have decided to invest in a keg system at home. I've been looking around online, but am finding it tedious to sort through a massive amount of sales offers and ads when what I really need right now is advice.

Specifically, I'm looking to put a half-barrel keg in the basement and run lines up to the kitchen counter. I'm not at all concerned about looks, and can spend around $650 at the high end. should I convert a standard fridge or opt for a kit suited to the purpose?

Any advice on where to start would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Mike Roy said...

The troubling part of this set up is the beer line run up to the kitchen. Even if insulated that line will get pretty warm and beer will be...not so fresh. I don't recommend a long run unless its a chilled and insulated. Stick to a keg box or fridge andsimply burn a few calories going up and down the stairs.

Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...

Check on craigslist for a standard fridge for sale or check 'free stuff'. A standard fridge gives you more options for loose beers/growlers or to expand+ the freezer space.
You can get a single tap tower for $50-80 (doubles $140-160). Check out Micromatic.com, BeverageFactory.com or my favorite ebay.
$100 for a CO2 tank another $30-50 for a regulator.
$30 bucks for a Sanke Tap

All your food grade and gas tubing can be found at Maryland Homebrew in Columbia - MDHB.com

I would try to make a closed system from the fridge to the tower using PVC to keep the lines cool and prevent loss of beer in the lines.

Caederus said...

While the idea of a kegorator in the basement running up to the kitchen sounds nice I agree with Mike in that there are problems with the long run (Insulation...)

For my personal system I'm planning on doing something along the lines of a chest freezer with collar. http://www.mikebeer.net/chestfreezer.htm

Tom Custance said...

I second the Beverage Factory recommendation... they sell on eBay cheaper and with free shipping (or at least they did when I bought my setup in December). Check them out.