10 February 2010

Sadder, Lonelier Snowman..........

The official word in from Rick Bloemke, SPBW Chesapeake Bay Branch President :
With the aptly named Ultra-Kahuna winter storm rearing its ugly head, the prudent and responsible decision is to cancel the meeting scheduled for this Thursday at Lures Bar and Grille in Crownsville, MD.  I appreciate that is no small thing to regroup, especially with the hectic schedules we all carry today. If, however, the 22" of snow hits Baltimore as expected by Wednesday evening, no one will be able nor wish to risk driving in the immediate aftermath.  It is a shame, as we were all looking forward to adding a new venue to our list of favorites, but Mother Nature wins this round.  Depending upon your willingness and Lures' schedule in the next week or two, we may move the meeting to a "calmer" day.  

Poor, sad, lonely snowman.  Let's hope we get to cheer him up with cask-conditioned Loose Cannon really soon, huh?

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