10 February 2010

Proposed Md. Booze Tax Increases: Up to OVER 1,200% INCREASE in Beer Tax!!!

Straight and to the point:

Md. Senate Bill 717

Md. House Bill 832

Increasing the State tax rates for alcoholic beverages sold in Maryland from $1.50 to $10.03 per gallon for distilled spirits, from 40 cents to $2.96 per gallon for wine, and from 9 cents to $1.16 per gallon for beer; providing for the distribution of the additional revenue to special funds to be used only for the purpose of providing additional funding for specified health services; etc.
According to Duclaw brewer (and former attorney) William "Bo" Lenck's Facebook page:

Beer - From $0.09 to $1.16 - Increase, 1,280% ($2.25/case)
Wine - $0.40 to $2.96 - Increase, 740% ($0.50/750 ml)
Liquor - $1.50 to $10.03 - Increase 687% ($1.70/750 ml)

Go to it, all you political wonks.  Comment away, and let your legislators know your thoughts--that is, if you're still deluded enough to believe they'll actually listen to you.


The Oriole Way said...

Just some perspective:
- Maryland's current beer rate is tied for the 8th lowest rate in the nation (tied with DC; PA is at $.08 and VA is $.27).
- The simple average rate is $.254, and the median is $.185.
- Only five states have rates above $.50 (Alabama and NC at $.53, SC at $.77, Hawaii at $.93 and Alaska at $1.07).

I think a reasonable case can be made for raising the tax, but the levels suggested in this legislation are outrageous.

Ben Brouse said...

I have no problem with them raising the taxes if we enjoyed the same availability of goods as the other states.