21 March 2012

Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Fest This Fri/Sat

The regularly-returning Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Fest "road show" returns to the Md. State Fairgrounds in Timonium this Friday evening and Saturday.

Many folks love this fest (Great beer! Bourbon! BBQ!  Music! You can ride Light Rail there! What's not to love unless you're a teetotaling vegetarian?), and many loathe it (too crowded, "who let those cr@p beers in?", too "commercial," "drunkfest," etc.).  But it's one of those fests every local beer (and bourbon) geek should attend at least once.

The (admittedly tentative, inexact, and disclaimered) bourbon and beer list is here.  The best laugh to be had on the list is at Evolution: "Evolution New weird sh*t".

I'd like to see that beer name get label approval from the Feds.


Warthog said...

I went last year, had a great time and am going again this year with a group of friends. I plan to stick with the bourbon, as it makes you pee less. Pace and water are the keys to a good time.

JohnM. said...

Can't say I'm overwhelmingly impressed by the beer selection (other than the stuff from Evoluation), but the bourbon selection looks killer. Might need to head on over on Saturday just to try them.

Unknown said...

I had good time at this year's event. It was my first time so I went without an expectations and I was more than pleased. It was a little crowded but nothing compared to being stuffed under the grandstands like we were for the Oktoberfest held there this fall.

And I don't know if I was so stuck in my own world that I didn't notice the drunks....but I didn't notice any drunk people getting out of hand or anything like that.

Here is a link to my Beer,BBQ, and Bourbon Fest experience if you care to take a peek.