14 March 2012

We Have a Winner!

We had 38 entries for the City Paper Brewfest tickets.

Custom Random Number Generator (itself randomly selected from several such online random number generators!) selected #27.

The 27th (non-duplicate) entry was "Molly."  Congratulations to her; an e-mail is in her e-mail box.

And because she left her e-mail with her entry, the rest of you can beg to go with her.........  NOT.  Or, you still have until the end of today to buy your tickets in advance at the discounted $30 rate; it goes to $35 tomorrow.  (For the record, the entries with e-mails will be deleted shortly in order to protect the privacy of the readers in question, but I have a witness to the process and selection.  And disclaimer: MissionTix charges a transaction fee.)


Andrea said...

They already raised the price! How unscrupulous!

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Aw, shoot.....

[conferring with City Paper folks by e-mail as we type....]

Anonymous said...

Price is fixed on Mission Tix and we also sell at our Box Office Line 410-523-2300 (no fee) Price will stay $30 until EOD 3/15/12 to compensate for the error on MissionTix site.
Thanks All!