06 March 2012

Push Craft Brewing Coming to Frisco Tap House (and Brewery)

You know that parking space in the front of the Frisco Tap and Brew House in Columbia that seemed to double as a motorcycle showroom?  As long promised, Adam Carton will be setting up a seven-barrel in-house brewery in that space, to be called Push Craft Brewing.

The Baltimore Sun's Erik Maza has the story here.

And by the way, the Society for Preservation of Beers from the Wood meets there Thursday evening--cask Fraoch Heather Ale and Williams Brothers Joker IPA.

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JohnM. said...

I went to Frisco's on Sunday Alex, and frankly I'm done going there. I realize it's Howard County and all that, but the prices there are just outrageous. I got a 10 ounce glass of Duchesse Du Borgone and a pint of Elysian Idiot Sauvin, and the price was $19.50 after tax. Once I added a reasonable tip to that... welcome to the home of dollar an ounce beer.

I should add that this is the second Sunday I've stopped by over the past several months, and on both occasions the place was nearly empty. I can't say I'm greatly surprised.