06 March 2012

De Kleine Duivel Finally Resurrected! UPDATED

The stillborn De Kleine Duivel "Belgian brasserie" project, planned for Hampden nearly two years ago but derailed by problems with the planned Chestnut Street site--has finally resurfaced, this time in a different location: Station North.

As tentatively announced by the planners/owners on Facebook on March 6th, they signed a lease on March 5th for space at XXXX  XXXXX Street, , with easy transit, Circulator, and highway access and a parking lot and garage nearby.  [UPDATE: the planners have removed references to the address from their Facebook information page, changing it to a more ambiguous "Station North."]  The plan is, as before, for "'A Classic Belgian Brasserie' featuring a full selection of Belgian beers, boutique wines and spirits, and a select menu of traditional Flemish-French dishes, all served in an Art Nouveau inspired setting."

Opening was originally projected for June 2012, but will be dependent upon renovation and reconstruction of the premises, which may take longer than that.

An official announcement is expected early next week.

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