20 March 2012

Charm City in Waverly rebrands as Peabody Heights Brewery UPDATED

The new brewery project in Charles Village/ Waverly, formerly going by the name Charm City Brewing, has now rebranded itself after the original name of the Charles Village neighborhood in which it sits, Peabody Heights Brewery.  The name change stems in part, says Raven Lager owner and brewery partner Stephen Demczuk, from threatened legal action by a former Maryland brewer who filed for a Federal trademark for the name "Charm City Brewery" on Dec. 2, 2011, the same day the Charles Village project, and its name, was announced. (UPDATE: There has been some evidence presented that the brewer in question had filed for a Maryland trademark or business name for that name in 2009, but it doesn't readily appear in state databases.)

A 30-barrel brewhouse is on order, and partners J. Hollis Albert and Demczuk anticipate being open for operation by late may or early June, as the building, a former beverage-bottling plant last used by a Canada Dry franchisee and then for automobile storage by a nearby garage, is already set up for industrial beverage processing, with extra plumbing, floor drains and electrical lines.

More at Midnight Sun. (Subscription pay-wall alert...)

Demczuk elaborated a bit on his planned additional Raven Beer recipes: Pendulum Pilsner will be a "clean pils, a bit hoppy;" Tell-Tale Hearty Ale will be a "high-IBU ale of 7% or so;" and Cask of Amontillado will be "a double bock of 8% range in 22 oz bottles and kegs only."

Meanwhile, a planned co-op partner in the project, Pratt Street Ale House, has withdrawn from the proposal as a formal partner.  "We still want our own [larger] brewhouse and facility," said PSAH co-owner Justin Dvorkin recently.  Dvorkin and the Peabody Heights partnership have discussed the possibility of contract-brewing Ironman Pale Ale for Oliver Breweries at the site, but as Dvorkin remarked, "They don't even have any open fermenters yet."  Production may well have to be ramped up one way or another for Oliver Breweries, as the newly-expanded Pratt Street Ale House now has even more taps with which to pump the brewers' products.

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