28 March 2012

City Paper Talks With Liquor Board Re: Regulations

Van Smith of the Baltimore City Paper sits down and talks with two of the three members of the Baltimore City Liquor Board on a variety of pending bills proposing modifications of Baltimore City liquor laws.

Go grab a dead-trees copy out of the ubiquitous yellow boxes, or read the piece here.

Thoughts: On the one hand, it's a good thing, in the view of this libertarian, to see a liquor board aware of the issues that confront an evolving business environment, and adjust accordingly.  On the other hand, why does it take a freaking act of the state legislature for the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore to tweak its liquor license?  (Heck, aside from the annual Brew at the Zoo--which, by the way, is May 26-27 this year--were you even aware that the Maryland Zoo had to have its own liquor license?!?!?)

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Jane B. said...

Hi Alexander, The Zoo needs a liquor license to sell beer! We do sell beer on grounds per our license. The new license will enable us to sell 7-days a week, as well as provide our in-house caterer the ability to serve beer, wine and liquor at events without the Zoo having to obtain a special license each time we have an event.

We have had to apply for special event licenses in the past for events such a Brew at the Zoo and Zoomerang in order for other adult beverages to be consumed on grounds.

Tickets to Brew at the Zoo went on sale this afternoon - see you there?