14 March 2012

City Paper Brewfest Discount EXTENDED!

After several readers pointed out to us that the MissionTix  listing for the City Paper Brewfest was already charging $35 for tickets as of this morning when the City Paper promised the price of "$30 until the 14th," I immediately contacted the City Paper as soon as I got the message--at 3:30 this afternoon (sorry, trapped in a library doing real work).  This is the OFFICIAL response from the City Paper's Susan Slike, the Publisher's Assistant:
I tried to post a comment on your blog but it wont let me....can you please let them know Mission Tix is fixed...and extended 1 day to compensate for the error....they can also call City Paper Box Office tomorrow from 9am-5pm and get for $30 as we extended a day in-house due to the error.  Box Office is 410-523-2300
Have at it, Beer In Baltimore readers.

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