09 January 2010

Big Changes Ahead for Mid-Atlantic Brewing News

I don't have ALL the pertinent details, and I think some of them are still being worked out....  But I've been given the OK by my superiors to release the following:

You like beer news from Baltimore and elsewhere, but can't necessarily get to a venue that has free copies of Mid-Atlantic Brewing News, or they keep running out before you get to them?  You're traveling to Chicago, San Diego, or New Orleans and want to see what the beer scene is there, but don't have access to a copy of the Brewing News paper from that region?  Stuck in Afghanistan and want to keep up with what you can't get there?

The Brewing News paper empire is making the long-delayed transition to a more substantial online presence this year, with on-line reader editions of the papers themselves supplementing such things as the "Hop Tips" event calendar and online directories.  The online presence won't replace the paper edition, simply increase access for readers that love good beer but find it difficult to subscribe to or get a paper.

See the home page at http://www.brewingnews.com/ for updates and sample content--with more coming soon.


brad said...

Woohoo! Welcome to 1996! :p

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Yeah, well, *we* make money, "dot-commer"!