08 January 2010

New Beers Tonight and This Weekend

Just got an e-mail from Alonso's on Cold Spring Lane in Roland Park saying that they're tapping a firkin of Dog Pub's Hoppy Dog IPA at 5 PM tonight......

Also, the Scottish Ale from Pratt Street/Olivers: Utterly delicious.  A spectacular winter ale, warming but not seeming as alcoholic as its actual 7%, loaded with malt with a subtle sweet palate and just the hint of smokiness.  This is actually one of the best local beers I've run into in ages.  I normally have a policy of not picking or naming a "favorite beer;" I may have to rethink that policy........  It's on tap at Pratt Street Ale House as of a couple minutes ago, apparently.  As they say at some websites, GOGOGOGO!!!!!!

Also, at the PSAH, they were pouring (as of last night--likely gone by tonight, but find out for yourself) a spectacular oak-aged version of this year's William's Winter Warmer (it comes off with a slight tartness akin to several British old ales) and a last keg of last year's un-oaked version of William's.  If you didn't get to these, you probably missed two of the best beers Baltimore will see this winter.

Photo: The Olivers Scottish at Metropolitan last night.  That thistle glass is one of the few surviving glasses from a run that Bill Oliver did for his Scottish Ale over a decade ago, and I was lucky enough to get one back then when they sold them.  Even the Pratt Street Ale House only could come up with an old, chipped one.....

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