27 January 2010

State of the Union Drinking Game, 2010 Edition

 "Liberally" stolen/adapted from several other websites on both sides of the political divide..........

Game time 9 PM EST, 6 PM PST, 27 Jan. 2010 (held early so you don't miss the "Lost" season premiere!)

Obama says "The state of our union is strong" (or some version of this):  Do one shot.of strong ale
Obama says "let me be clear" :   Do one shot of Everclear
Obama says "change isn't easy":    Do one shot with a dime in the glass
Obama says "make no mistake":     Do one shot of the wrong drink
Obama says "Let me be clear, change isn't easy, make no mistake." :   He's screwing with you to get you drunk, so five shots
Joe Wilson yells something:    Do two shots
Obama yells back:     Finish the bottle
Obama says "jobs":    Do one shot, two if you're unemployed
Obama says "health care":    Do not drink, you will not be given a replacement liver
Obam says "stimulus": Do a shot of espresso and Red Bull
Nancy Pelosi leads a standing ovation:  Yep, do a shot and yell "cheers"
Nancy Pelosi leads a standing ovation of 50-55% of the Congress:  Do a shot.
close-up of Nancy Pelosi:  Do a shot without moving any facial muscles
Nancy Pelosi claps like a seal:    Drink a bottle/pint of North Coast Red Seal Ale
Nancy Pelosi becomes a seal :   STOP DRINKING, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD  [and it doesn't help matters that she's wearing gray!]
Hilary Clinton is shown grinning: Do one shot
Hilary Clinton is shown frowning: Do one shot of De Dolle Dulle Teve
Obama mentions Bo, the dog:     Put beer in your dog's water bowl
Michelle Obama wears a slinky dress:    Go immediately to the Huffington Post/NY Times Style page for close-ups
Joe Biden nods-off/laughs inappropriately/starts talking before the speech is over :   Do three shots.  No, one.  Too sure a thing.
Obama uses the term "Congressional leadership":    Do two shots carefully, as all that laughing will make it difficult to swallow
Obama says "filibuster": Drink until 60% of the people with whom you're watching agree to stop... or go unconscious
Obama says "cap and trade":  Swap drinking vessels and caps with the person next to you
Obama references Copenhagen: a bottle/can of Heiniken or Carlsberg, or a shot of Cherry Heering
Obama mentions Ted Kennedy: Drink a shot of Irish whiskey and drive off a bridge
Obama mentions John Edwards: Down a whole bottle of Arrogant Bastard, but deny having drunk it for a year
Obama says he's "fighting for you":    Do one shot, two if you actually believe him, you pitiful fool
Obama mentions Haiti:    Text “Haiti” to the number 90999 and donate the price of three shots to the Red Cross
Obama says "The hopeful audacity of yes we can change": Do one shot of unicorn piddle
Obama blames a problem on the past administration:  Do a shot of something well-aged (also if Robert Byrd is shown)

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