25 January 2010

Muggsy's Events for February

As usual, all the real news flows in days after my column deadline, so presented here is an e-mail I received from Danny Young of Muggsy's on Light Street in Federal Hill, run through Babelfish from Twitterspeak to English:
Hey, guys!  Muggsy's has a couple big events coming up in FeBREWary!  First up will be the Week of 100,000 Muggs, beginning Feb. 1st!  The details are [below] and on our Facebook page--we will have some really crazy and rare stuff on draft that week, as well as 2 "steal the glass" nights featuring Shmaltz Brewing on Tuesday, Stone on Thursday, and a firken on Friday for our monthly "First Friday Firkin Night".  We will also be drawing secondary prize packages from featured breweries throughout the week.  For example, the Harpoon package includes t-shirts, hats, and a bottle of 100-Barrel series Wet Hopped Ale.  Then for the week of Mardi Gras we will be holding Malti Gras, where we fill our taps with the maltiest beers we can get our hands on, including a "steal the glass" night from Abita Brewing that Tuesday 2/16/10.  Since they are from Louisiana, we figured they knew how to celebrate Mardi Gras the best!  Come on by and, if nothing else, check out the beer.  Forward this to anyone who might enjoy a good beer.  Thanks a lot and see you all soon!!
In the time honored tradition of drinking beer and winning prizes, Muggsy’s Presents WEEK OF 100,000 MUGS starting February 1st. Now we know that only a football stadium would sell that many mugs in a week. But [darn] it this li'l bar has spunk, it has the aptitude, some have even said we have what they call Charisma. With that in mind we will pack some of the best beer you have ever tasted into this li'l Bar and we want to share them with you, all week long. So, here are the particulars of

2010’s WEEK OF 100,000 MUGS:

Step 1:  Come in and order a Mug of beer.

Step 2:  Put your Name on a raffle ticket

Step 3:  Repeat steps 1 and 2 as often as you want all week long, the more mugs you buy the more chances you have to win.

Step 4:  Be at Muggsy’s on Saturday February 6th, 2010 at the stroke of Midnight and you might win the Grand Prize a trip for two to Atlantic City! For the 5th annual Atlantic City Beer Festival, the 2010 Event will be held Saturday March 20th and Sunday March 21st 2010. The one and only Atlantic City Beer Festival “the celebration of the suds” now in its 5th year has grown to be Atlantic City’s most anticipated event. They look forward to hosting over 75 Brewers and Breweries from around the world. Now seriously, who wouldn’t want to go to that!!! Your prize will include two nights stay and admission to all three sessions of the beer festival so that you may try and finish all 75 Breweries.

Now you’re saying to yourself there must be rules, there are always rules:

No one employed by or having any relation to (i.e. dating, married, siblings or anything else) may win any prizes. This is for the customers.
You must be present at Muggsy’s in order to win any prizes, there will be many secondary prizes all week.

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