11 January 2010

Purple beer?

According to this article, at least one place had purple vodka during yesterday's Ravens playoff game victory.

Was any place crazy enough to have purple beer?  I just want to know so I can stay as far away from that madness as possible......   Noting, of course, that Rob Kasper last year promoted the practice in a video post to his now-gone Baltimore Sun blog, documented here by Draft Magazine's website.....   And just in case purple beer is a jinx that kills blogs, I repeat:  I don't approve.

Finally, are sales of The Raven up at all?


david.m. said...

Sales of "The Raven" are up if my observations this friday at Beltway were accurate. They had a big display and I saw a few sixers in carts. I drank Smuttynose IPA for the game. I always drink a beer local to the team we play for away games and a local MD or Deleware beer for home games. In a Ravens mug, of course. What beers from Indiana are available around here?

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

The only Indiana beer we had for a while was Three Floyds, and I believe they've stopped shipping to the East because the popularity has caught up with and surpassed their production.......