25 January 2010

Nipping a Brewer's Art Rumor in the Bud--er, Can

Now that I've heard this from more than one source, let me shoot this one down:

There appears to be nothing to the rumor floating around that the popular Brewer's Art beer Resurrection would be showing up soon in cans.

I was forced to call the brewpub the other week when a Pennsylvania beer writer was apparently writing that the Sly Fox brewery in Phoenixville, Pa.--which does brew the Brewer's Art bottled beers on contract and does can some of their own beers--would soon be packaging the Resurrection.  "I think it was an idea that [Sly Fox] were floating around as an idea, but we didn't do anything with it," said a representative who answered the phone the other day.

Too crazy for words?  Or the perfect answer for Camden Yards and M&T Stadium?  You decide.

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Caederus said...

Two sides to the issue.

1) Many craft breweries are moving to cans as a better package. (Oscar Blues, 21st Amendment) and it is a better package at keeping out the two things that can kill a good beer, light and oxygen. It would allow for greater portability and longer shelf life. All these are good things.

2) There is a marketing mystic about opening up a corked and caged 750 ml bottle. It screams old world sophistication, and luxury.

Given that Brewers Art beers age well as they are, I do not see a need for the can. I do feel that the industry is heading in the direction of the can, and that eventually we will see all beer in cans.