07 January 2010

SPBW at Max's Jan. 14th

I haven't received an official notice via e-mail from the Society for Preservation of Beers from the Wood, but the next "meeting" is slated for the evening of Jan. 14th at Max's Taphouse.  (Well, come on.  A Thursday at Max's is already Cask Night........  not like there's anything necessarily different.....)

If you're not a member, join up for the year at that meeting for a measly $10, and you'll probably recoup that membership cost in discounts or the like even if you only attend a few of the gatherings, which are scattered fairly widely across central Maryland cask bar outlets and usually include a bus trip in the summer.


Graham Green said...

This was disseminated to members of the SPBW group on Facebook:

'Just a reminder that the SPBW 2010 Kickoff Party will be at Max's Taphouse on January 14th at 7 PM.

Look for further details including beer lineup, special pint pricing and potential giveaways.

Support the 3 new club officers by being at their first "official" meeting.

Have a Happy New Year and thanks again for 2 fun years as your President.

Cheers! Alan Moore'

Graham Green said...

UPDATE: Apparently, there will be FIVE firkins on at Max's, for this event!!! :-)