31 January 2010

Haggis Update: Not Quite Yet......

The BBC and NPR are now reporting that the earlier reports on the lifting on the ban on haggis's import to the United States was premature at best:
A spokeswoman from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service emails to "clarify" the matter:
Recently, several news articles have incorrectly stated that the U.S. will be relaxing or lifting its ban on Scottish haggis  At this time, haggis is still banned in the U.S. The APHIS rule covers all ruminant imports, which includes haggis.  It is currently being reviewed to incorporate the current risk and latest science related to these regulations.  There is no specific time frame for the completion of this review.  Please check back with APHIS periodically for updates.

Alex Massie of Britain's Spectator suggests:

This is sad news indeed and not the sort of change anyone can believe in. I encourage US readers to petition their Congresspersons to have this injustice ended and let Americans enjoy the full majesty of the Great Chieftain o' the pudden-race. It's also, obviously, tme for Obama to show some damn leadership...

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david.m. said...

" It's also, obviously, tme for Obama to show some damn leadership..."

Hey Massie, if we wanted to take political orders from a bunch of rotten toothed, soccer loving, pompous sissies we would not have kicked your asses out in the Revolution.