04 January 2010

Changes Underway at Lancaster Brewing Co.

Fellow blogger/writer Jack Curtin reports from Pennsylvania on changes underway at Lancaster Brewing Co. in (of course) Lancaster, Pa.  Apparently it's an evolving story, but one change will be immediately apparent among our beer scene: John Frantz, the affable spokesman and sales rep for the company who appeared at most local beer festivals, is no longer with the company.  We wish him well in wherever his future takes him.

(2006 photo from Tom Cizauskas' Flickr page)


brad said...

Sad news. John seemed like a great guy. Hope he's happy wherever he ends up.

stevejones said...

I've had the pleasure of knowing John by way of the beer festival circuit for many years now and I must say that you could not wish to meet a nicer guy. His presence will be greatly missed if he is no longer in the beer business. I wish him well.