19 February 2010

A Cask Ale Boo-Boo?

Someone didn't care too much for the firkin of Troeg's Nugget Nectar at Frisco Grille last night.

Not the beer, the presentation.

Was anyone else there?  Comments?  Second opinions?


Brad said...

Yikes! Not cool.

Brian G. - what happened??

BeerGuy said...

I got a sneek peak a few hours earlier and it seemed a bit off, nothing major though.

Frisco Grille takes care with their firkins. Remember though this is a three tier state and not everything gets hand delivered. I've heard horror stories from literally EVERY bar manager and owner about the various stages of middle men screwing up the handling of beer before it arrives.

That is not to say some/most distributors aren't professional but you've got a lot of moving parts and beer can get damaged about 15 million different ways on the way to the bar.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Don't always blame everything on the distributors. Get any of these places "off the record," and they'll tell you that, although the invoicing and bill-paying is going through the proper channels, there ARE instances of firkins literally being hand-delivered by the brewers or their reps across town, down the street, or even across state lines, even in the trunk of a car at the last minute. I'm waiting for the day when I can get a photo of a brewer rolling a keg down the street a la Andy Capp in the comic strips of 40 years ago!

Brad said...

You know the guy we need to contact here? Troegs Pete!

He was likely the guy who hand delivered the firkin in his trunk (as Sandy eluded to) :)

BeerGuy said...

Keep in mind no complaint for the firkin the week before. I think it was unfair to paint the institution as bad when I've literally been drinking quality real ale from Frisco Grille since I moved here several years ago:


I'm not blaming everything on distributors. I am saying its an explanation which the author (who I've met, nice guy) didn't offer.

Frisco's had to pull certain beers from their pint nights and other events because they arrived in terrible condition and came too late to settle. I've seen it and spoken with them firsthand about that before.

Plenty of other bar owners same thing, not necessarily beer for particular events but just something they wanted to put on but had to send back or let sit for a long time to get back into shape after poor handling.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

WAAAAAAAAAAY ahead of you, dood.

The e-mail went to Harrisburg several hours ago. <:-)

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

And now you have me scratching my head as to how you figuratively drink real ale. <:-)

Ben Brouse said...

OK, here goes. My point of the article was not to hammer Frisco (I love that place) Rather, I wanted to point out that the quality of real ale is tied to the handling of the firkin. This not only includes the distributor but the place that serves the firkin. I simply believe this firkin was not ready to be served (vented to atmosphere and allowed to clear) and should have been pulled until it was ready.

BeerGuy said...

OK just spoke briefly with barman Oliver at Frisco Grille. He said it was hand delivered Wednesday and stored properly.

He said it was pouring really active when he started pouring it yesterday.

If anyone has questions:


Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...

In the article I read the author mentioned "how important a good cellar man is to real ale". The 'cellar man' he speaks of works at the brewery and is tasked to unsure the beer is properly prepared/cellared for delivery. The bartender that receives the cask, spiles and taps it is only a bartender and has to deal with the product that they spent money for to charge money for. In my opinion I read this as a problem with the beer from the start or middle hands not at the finally resting place. I think Ben was sincere in not mentioning the place because he did not hold them (fully) responsible.