03 February 2010

Olivers Bishop's Indulgence (UPDATED)

(Administrative note: Posting is likely to be light for the next week due to other obligations.)

Just so you don't get the impression that by not saying anything nice about a beer, I don't have anything good to say about it:

The Olivers Bishop's Indulgence is excellent.  Not to chocolately, not too alcoholic, not too roasty, not too Ringwood-y.  Go.  Spoil yourself.  If you can't find parking around the Pratt Street Ale House, a firkin is at Metropolitan in Federal Hill, to be tapped as their Thursday Firkin at 6 p.m. (ALSO on beer engine at Frisco Grille in Columbia @ 4 pm, along with a firkin on the bar of Strongman Pale Ale dry-hopped with Maryland-grown Chinook hops.)

Last night Steve Jones led a little "cask-ale 101" seminar, showing off in part their newest "toy," a glass-ended firkin designed to show off and showcase the contents and process, filled for the occasion with dry-hopped Best Bitter.  I had to miss the seminar for another meeting, and to my chagrin he followed up the seminar with an open bottle of Tactical Nuclear Penguin, the wacko 32% beer from Scotland's BrewDog.  (DUUUUUUDE, if you had TOLD me that bottle was being opened up, I would have gladly postponed that damned meeting!)


stevejones said...

sorry about you missing the TNP Sandy, you slipped out ninja style before I had a chance to let you know!

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

I thought I TOLD you I came early because I had to LEAVE early! And I could have come on back, after all.........