13 October 2010

Baltimore Sun continues "Best Bars" tease:

#27: Elliott's Pour House.

#26: Ropewalk Tavern.

#23: Mahaffey's.

More here.

Also, from their Dining @Large blog:

Washington's Brasserie Beck won't be adding a Baltimore location after all. News that it might heated up the boards back in September. But, it turns out that chef Robert Wiedmaier instead chose Bethesda for the first expansion of his popular Belgian cafe. Mussel Bar is open for business.


Nick said...

the comments about Mahaffey's staff are nonsense.

JohnM. said...

Completely agree Nick. Frankly, I'm not exactly sure what the Sun means by "gruff," but the staff there have always been unfailingly nice to me. Sometimes the wait for a beer or food can be a bit long, but that's rare, and usually due to the typically over large crowd.

Also, while I have gone there with a "date" before, I usually go there by myself. My impression is that it's as good a place as any to drink by yourself, and better than a lot of places I could name.

The main problem I have with Mahaffey's is that the place is pretty small, and is so damn popular, unless you get there early it's often difficult to get a seat (or even a place to stand).