01 October 2010

DC's Brickskeller to be sold?

Reports are flowing in from several sources like these and this that Washington D.C.'s venerable Brickskeller Inn, home of one of the first true beer bars and still legendary to this day for its world-record beer selection (though almost all in bottles and cans) is about to be sold.  The building, which has been in co-owner Diane Alexander's family since 1957, is reportedly being sold to a boutique hotel group which would renovate the lodging facilities while maintaining the two-story bar below.  The transaction could close as early as the end of October.

According to one source who phoned co-owner Dave Alexander (Diane's husband, and the beer brains behind the bar's legendary inventory over the decades), Dave said ""No one will ever own the Brickskeller whose last name is not Alexander."  This points to reports at one blog stating that the rights to the "Brickskeller" name would not convey with the real estate.  Whether the bar's massive beer inventory would remain or be transferred to the Alexander's other bar, R.F.D. on 7th St. NW, is unclear.

Stay tuned.  Or go grab a last visit, just in case.

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